All things being equal, people will do business with, and refer business to, people they know, like, and trust. ~Bob Burg

Creating your business-to business marketing tools can be time-consuming and laborious. Even if your business has a full-time marketing department, it is often handy to outsource your copywriting needs. That is where Totally Wassom Professional Writing Service is able to come to your rescue.

Specializing in B2B Copywriting, Totally Wassom can provide your company with a variety of quality copy marketing tools. 

Maybe you need a brochure or a mailer. Even in the digital age, most clients will take the time to look at a piece of paper in their  inboxes as long as it catches their eye. Totally Wassom can create a visually appealing piece using proven strategies to write copy that increases interest in you and your product or service.

Did you know 67% of your clients looked for your website before deciding to call you? A company website is as important as a smile and a warm hand-shake: it allows your customer to feel confident in his/her decision to choose your company. Having a well-written Landing Page will go a long way toward keeping your prospects on your site and learning about you and your product or service.

Newsletters are a great tool to keep in touch with your client-base, giving them a little something for free while promoting your product or service.

White Papers have (largely) replaced annual reports, and a well-constructed White Paper is impressive in the hands of your clients and business partners. White Papers are also used as marketing tools to tout the advantages of a product or service, and they are used as “free giveaway” product for your call to action campaign.

SEO copywriting, Trade Articles, Audio-Visual Scripts, business Flyers,  and more. All of these tools can effectively increase your business, if done correctly, and Totally Wassom is prepared to help with these items, and many more.

Click on any of the above hyperlinks for examples of these copywriting projects, or fee free to contact me to make an appointment for us to talk about your copywriting needs and how Totally Wassom can help.